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Igor also plays Sokoban-type levels

Did you know Igor can also be used to play Sokoban-type levels? For those familiar with Sokoban it means that this is yet another aspect in which Igor can be used to entertain your brain.

So what is Sokoban anyway?

If you don't know what Sokoban is, here is a short description. Sokoban is a game that was originally created in 1982 in Japan. Its concept is very simple: you are the owner of a warehouse and you must push boxes to their proper destinations. Unfortunately the warehouse is quite full, so you have to push your way past other boxes and walls. Its simplicity is deceptive though, as the levels can actually be extremely difficult.

How Igor does it

The way Igor implements Sokoban-type levels is by using Power sources ('boxes') and Power sockets ('destinations') as can be seen in the screenshot below. Of course you are free to combine Sokoban-type elements with the any of the other objects Igor provides (the example also uses Pipes), making it possible to create levels of a difficulty never seen before!

Example of Sokoban-type level in Igor

Igor's implementation of Sokoban-type levels (more general screenshots)

With the help of the free level converter it is possible to convert most Sokoban-type levels into Igor format, so you can play them directly!

Of course, when your levels are finished, you should not forget to submit them to the site so that others can also enjoy them!

More information about Igor

More information about Igor - The Time Machine, can be found on the Introduction page. Alternatively, you can download the game immediately. Enjoy!