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Level converter

A special level converter has been developed for 'Igor - The Time Machine'. This means you can now convert levels from various other games into Igor-format so they can be played with Igor.

Currently, the following level formats can be converted:

  • Sokoban (.XSB format, with various extensions allowed, such as multiple levels in a single file, titles, author names, etc.)
  • Supaplex (level collections in .D?? format and individual level files in .SP format.)

Support is being implemented for Rocks 'n Diamonds type levels too, but since the format of those levels is more complex it is not finished yet.

The level converter can be downloaded below. Once downloaded, simply unzip the file and run the executable. Instructions are shown once the converter is started. Everything is fairly straightforward, so it should not be too difficult to use.

If you notice any problems with the converter, please let us know.