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The toughest challenge this side of the galaxy
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If you have enjoyed the free demo version of the game, you can get the full version here. What you get depends on whether you choose the CD-ROM version or the downloadable version. The features are listed in the table below. Basically, the only extra you pay to receive the CD-ROM is the shipping (which cannot be avoided). You get many extra features for this though!

Comparison between CD-ROM and downloadable version
Item CD-ROM Download
High quality CD-ROM in a nice box (see pictures below) Yes No
60 minutes of music, playable in any CD-player Yes No
100 large, challenging levels (and many more downloadable) Yes Yes
Built-in level editor to create your own levels Yes Yes
Ability to play all future levels that will be released Yes Yes
English, Dutch and German[1] versions included Yes Yes
Full technical support if needed Yes Yes
Price (€ or USD) €11.95 / $17.95 €11.95 / $17.95
Shipping cost in € or USD (Europe / World) €2.50 / 5.00 or USD 4.00 / 7.50 None / None
Access to downloadable version while you wait for your CD-ROM to arrive [2] Yes N/A
Typical time of delivery (Europe / World) 2-6 / 6-12 days < 24 / < 24 hours[3]
[1] English and Dutch language available for the game, levels, installation and online help. German language available for the game only.
[2] If you order the CD-ROM version, you will get access to the downloadable version for free so you can enjoy the game while the CD-ROM is underway. In this case your license for the downloadable version will expire when the CD-ROM arrives.
[3] This is not an instant delivery. To reduce fraudulent transactions, all orders are subject to manual verification. Typically this happens within 24 hours as orders are checked daily, but it may occasionally take a little longer. If you have not received the download instructions after 48 hours, please contact us with your transaction details.

If you want to know what the music on de CD sounds like, you can listen to a number of previews first.

When you have made your choice, please select the payment method below that is most appropriate or convenient for you. Of course all online payments are secure (https). If you still have any questions or remarks before you decide to order, don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.

Payment methods for ordering the full version
Payment method CD-ROM Download
Direct bank-transfer (Euro-zone customers only, 10% discount) order information order information
Paypal[1] (if you have a Paypal account - otherwise you can sign up and pay by creditcard) European customers
Non-European customers
order worldwide
Kagi[2] (accepts creditcards, cheques, cash, money orders)
Kagi charges Sales Tax / VAT separately in some cases. This can make it more expensive than other payment methods. [More info]
order worldwide No longer possible
[1] Paypal orders are processed in Euros. If you want to pay with another currency, it will be converted automatically for you.
[2] Kagi orders are processed in US Dollars. If you want to pay with another currency, it will be converted automatically for you.

Unfortunately we have been suffering from several cases of fraud recently. Because of this, we have had to suspend orders for the downloadable version through Kagi.

Other Igor-items

If you like the game, you may also be interested in other Igor-related items. Together with CafePress, Elmer Productions is now offering mugs, T-shirts, clocks and more with high quality Igor-designs on them. Check them out at the CafePress store.

Pictures of the front, inside and back of the box you will receive if you order the CD-ROM version
Front of box Inside of box Back of box