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Miscellaneous items

This page lists those parts of the website that didn't really fit in anywhere else, or may be hard to find otherwise. Have a look and you might find something interesting!


We have included a special page on the site for accessibility use. This page gives a detailed (textual) description of the game, its menu's and all objects in the game. Unlike the (graphical) text in the game, this can be used by screenreaders so that with this little bit of help, more people will be able to enjoy the game!

MP3 Files

Yes, there are now some MP3 tracks available on the site. They are short previews of the music that is on the Full version CD-ROM. This should help you decide whether you want the CD-ROM or the downloadable version of the game. The page can be found here.


Paulo has set up a forum for Igor. It contains interesting discussions and useful information. Have a look.

Contribute to the site

There are several ways in which you can contribute to the website:

  • Submit your levels for inclusion on the website, so that others can also enjoy them. Don't be shy, there will be many people out there that will enjoy your creativity!
  • Submit your solutions to the Hall of Fame. While solving levels is one thing, solving them in as few moves as possible is quite another. If you have found a clever solution to a level, you can submit a recording here and enter your name among the stars. (You can also view the Hall of Fame to see the achievements of others.)
  • Sumbit a new trick. If you know how to perform a move in Igor that has an unexpected result, we would like to hear about it. We can then see whether it's a bug (not allowed, should be fixed) or a trick (interesting move, is allowed).

Promote the game

If you like the game, you are of course welcome to order the full version. But (in addition) we could also use your help in promoting the game. More details can be found on the promotion page.

Igor has received several awards. You can see them at the awards page. If you know of any we missed, or want to give Igor an award, please let us know.

Who made this game anyway?

The credits for the game can be read in the game itself (by clicking on the appropriate menu option) or in the paper-documentation that comes with the full version. It is now also possible to view the credits online.

Many more questions are also answered in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


Igor is capable of playing Sokoban-style levels as you may know. More details can be found on the Sokoban page.