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Free downloads

This page contains a list of all Igor-related downloads that are available at the moment. Enjoy!
  • Free demo version of the game. (Order the Full version here)
  • Patches to upgrade the game to a newer version.
  • Level converter to convert levels from various formats to Igor format, so you can enjoy many, many more levels!
  • Extra levels for the demo and full version that you can enjoy.
  • Solutions to all available levels if you are not smart enough to solve them yourself.
  • Tricks that show you unexpected ways in which you can manipulate objects in the game to your advantage.

Though not really a download, the Hall of Fame is worth mentioning here too as it is an opportunity for people (including you) to show off their skills: While solving levels is one thing, solving them in as few moves as possible is quite another. If you have found a clever solution to a level, you can submit a recording and enter your name among the stars.

Third party software

Here is a list of add-ons made by others that you can download. Note that Elmer Productions assumes no responsibility for the content or proper operation of these tools. Of course that does not mean that we didn't look at it first, and determined that it would be suitable to include here. Please contact the author of the add-on in case of questions.
  • IgorLaunch (2.3 MB, added 2004-05-09). This program allows you to run Igor with the sprites from the classic game 'Supaplex'. For those that know Supaplex, it will be a nice visit to the past. All relevant sprites have been upgraded to the size and colors used by Igor, so they will look as new! Made by Paulo Matoso.