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Before using, please make sure you read, understand and accept the Terms and Conditions.

Please be aware that after you submit a level, it can not be changed anymore, for whatever reason. So make sure you double check your level for alternative (easier) solutions, spelling mistakes in hints and other problems before you submit it.

To submit a new level, you must first record a solution to it. It's the solution file that you should submit (it contains all information required to extract the level). To make it a bit easier for you, using savegames is allowed in making a recording for a new level, (i.e. you can play your level, save and restore the game one or more times, and still record a valid solution to it).

Depending on circumstances, uploading may take some time. Please do not click on 'Upload' repeatedly but just be patient (normally it should take no more than one minute to finish).

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