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The Supaplex Homepage

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Igor - The Time Machine now officially released!

If you like Supaplex, you will like Igor - The Time Machine even better. A completely modernized version of a game in the same genre, but an even greater challenge. Download the free demo version today!.

If you have been a fan for a long time, be sure to visit the Supaplex forum too! (Link updated 2006-07-12)

This page will discuss the following:

  1. Welcome
  2. Supaplex news
  3. More Supaplex information
  4. Contact information

Chapter 1 - Welcome

Welcome to the Supaplex Homepage. On this page, you will find everything about the PC VGA puzzle game Supaplex (What is it?), absolutely FOR FREE! (If you like Supaplex, you will also like the upcoming game Igor)

Chapter 2 - Supaplex news

[Update] (29 Aug 2010)
Megaplex is back! Several people sent me a copy of recent versions they had, so it's now hosted on this website in the software section (thanks Herman and Micha and the others who helped me out!) As a bonus, I added levelset 27 on request of Herman Perk. Solutions to these levels are also available of course.
[Update] (3 Jan 2010)
Updated the FAQ to be more clear about problems getting the game working with newer Windows versions and added installers for DOSBox+Supaplex for those who cannot get DOSBox working on their own (thanks John!)
[New] (29 Jun 2004)
Supaplex for Amiga has been added to the software page. Thanks to Danny for pointing it out.
[New] (6 Dec 2003)
A new Supaplex editor has been released. This is a very nice Windows editor that has loads of options. It has been added to the software list as the recommended editor if you use Windows 95 or better.
[Update] (21 May 2003)
The Russian Supaplex clone has a new official homepage. The site has been updated on the software page. It's still in Russian, but you should be able to find the download and enjoy the game.
[Update] (3 Mar 2003)
The levels added last time have been updated. Solutions are now also available (however they are unchecked).
[Update] (20 Jan 2003)
For those that can still not get enough of Supaplex, there are 111 new (untested) levels for download.
[Note] (23 Oct 2002)
Due to a server move, the website may be unavailable from time to time during the next few days. I hope the disruptions will be minimal.
[Update] (21 Aug 2002)
Yeah, I know, not much updated any time recently on this site. But the game is still there, and gets downloaded plenty of times, so I guess you all have a good time out there. Don't forget to have a look at Igor - The Time Machine if you haven't already. It's the completely modernized game in the same genre... In any case, this update just changes a few documentation files with the software to make sure any website references are valid...
[Update] (20 Jan 2002)
Solutions are now available for levelset #93 too (though it contains 2 unsolvable levels). There is also a new entry for the Hall of Fame - total times.
[Update] (31 Dec 2001)
No, the work never stops. Funny that I should find some time to update the site in the holiday season... There are some new tricks (yes, even after all this time) and the mp3 for Supaplex is back too. But perhaps best of all: THERE IS A NEW SUPAPLEX VERSION AVAILABLE. It's called MegaPlex, is fully Supaplex compatible and runs under Windows. You can find all information about it on the MegaPlex website.
[Update] (06 Aug 2001)
Due to work and other things I have less and less time to update the website. This will be the last update for a while to come, and I am not sure there will be future updates. Hopefully Igor - The Time Machine will be finished soon so everyone can switch their attention to there...

In any case, the new update improves on the tricks (two tiles up by a red disk instead of one, create 3x4 explosion) and adds a cheat (continue playing after getting killed). New levels have been added (40 in set #9, 1 in set #10 and 29 in set #93). A new editor has been released on the software page.

Note that the level update was the last one. I will not accept new levels anymore for Supaplex, due to the amount of time it takes to update the site with new levels. Once Igor has been released new levels will be accepted for that game of course.

[Update] (03 Mar 2001)
Yes, it's been a while... Can't say otherwise than that I am very, very busy with other things (like working to make a living) so I can't update the site too often (and not much happens anyway). In the mean time, some new levels have been submitted, so there are now 12 new levels in collection #9, and an entire collection #94 has been added (see new levels page).

Chapter 3 - More Supaplex information

For more information about Supaplex, you can browse around this site (use the "Quick navigation" at the top of each page), or you can visit the Supaplex links page for an easy-to-access list of links within this site and to other sites.

Chapter 4 - Contact information

If you need to contact Elmer Productions about Supaplex, then please refer to the
contact page for addresses.

Copyright (c) Elmer Productions (contact us)

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