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New Supaplex Levels

Igor - The Time Machine now officially released!

If you like Supaplex, you will like Igor - The Time Machine even better. A completely modernized version of a game in the same genre, but an even greater challenge. Download the free demo version today!.

This page will discuss the following:

  1. How to make/use new levels
  2. New levels
  3. Converted levels

Chapter 1 - How to make/use new levels

To learn more about making new levels, you can read Supaplex level creation tips. You can also find some information about how to use (play) these levels in the Supaplex FAQ.

To see how to solve these levels, please refer to the solutions.

Chapter 2 - New levels

Here are all the new levels people have sent to me (and they can ALL be solved. Look at the solutions if you don't believe it!)

These level collections will NOT be updated anymore, because it takes too much time to do that whenever new levels are submitted.

  1. Supaplex Level Collection 1 (111 levels, last updated 27 Feb 1997)
  2. Supaplex Level Collection 2 (111 levels, last updated 18 Jul 1997)
  3. Supaplex Level Collection 3 (111 levels, last updated 08 Jun 1998)
  4. Supaplex Level Collection 4 (111 levels, last updated 04 Aug 1997)
  5. Supaplex Level Collection 5 (111 levels, last updated 12 Nov 1997)
  6. Supaplex Level Collection 6 (111 levels, last updated 04 May 1998)
  7. Supaplex Level Collection 7 (111 levels, last updated 11 Apr 1999)
  8. Supaplex Level Collection 8 (111 levels, last updated 18 Aug 2000)
  9. Supaplex Level Collection 9 (111 levels, last updated 06 Aug 2001)
  10. Supaplex Level Collection 10 (70 levels, last updated 06 Aug 2001)
  11. Supaplex Level Collection 11 (40 levels, last updated 30 Sep 2000)
  12. Supaplex Level Collection 12 (111 levels, last updated 08 Mar 2001)
  13. Supaplex Level Collection 27 (111 levels, added 29 Aug 2010)

Total number of new levels (not including originals and other levelsets!) is now well over 1000!!!

The next (small) list contains special levelsets (changed levels, unverified levels, converted levels).

  1. New levelset #92 (solutions available, but not checked. Made by 'Keko of Buenos Aires', 111 levels, last updated 3 Mar 2003)
  2. New levelset #93 (see solutions) Note that levels 6 and 10 can not be solved (as far as we know) and level 28 might be especially tricky. (30 levels, last updated 6 Aug 2001)
  3. New levelset #94 (see solutions). (111 levels, last updated 8 Mar 2001)
  4. Original levels more difficult This levelset is a special one, by Kim Min-soo. It contains all original levels, but they are modified slightly to make them more difficult. If you thought the original levels were hard, try these (also a nice challenge if you thought the originals were too easy :-). (111 levels, last updated 7 May 1999)

Chapter 3 - Converted levels

The following level collections contain converted levels from other boulderdash clones, and may contain unsolvable levels (if not mentioned otherwise below). Also, solutions for these levels will not be entered in the hall of fame (due to a lack of webspace and time available to me), but there are still some good levels inside.

For these levels, there is NO guarantee that they can be solved in Supaplex, though most will be. Read the notes with each link for definate information about solvability.

  1. splvls96.zip
    This levelset contains all original Supaplex levels, but with a small change: They are totally backwards! The levels can all be solved, but will sometimes be a lot harder than the originals. Enjoy! Last updated 26 Nov 1998. (filenames changed)
  2. splvls97.zip
    This levelset (orignal levels from Boulderdash-type game Mr. Matt) was modified so that all levels can be solved in Supaplex now. Last updated 8 Dec 1997.
  3. splvls98.zip
    These are the original Boulderdash levels, ported to Supaplex. Some unsolvable levels have been adapted to be solvable, so all levels can now be solved in Supaplex. Last updated 18 feb 1998.
  4. levelset 99: Software page
    This levelset (99) can be found in the package containing SupaShow (by Herman Perk). You can find it on the software page. This is the complete set of (oversized) levels of the MacIntosh game Infotron. Not all levels can be solved! All Supaplex-playable levels of this set are also part of levelset 01. Last updated 24 Mar 1997 (but this link added 18 Jul 1997).

Copyright (c) Elmer Productions (contact us)

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