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There have been many implementations of BoulderDash written for many different computers. I would like to list here the available implementations that you can ftp or otherwise obtain, any other BoulderDash oriented Web pages available. Please let me know of any BoulderDash Internet resources you know of not listed here.

In this document:

BoulderDash Web pages

These are web pages that discuss BoulderDash generally (or any commercial implementations), rather than specifc implementations listed below.

Non-commercial implementations of BoulderDash

As I don't have an Amiga/DOS box/whatever, I can't be sure that all of the following are actually BoulderDash implementations, and not merely games that resemble BoulderDash in some vague way. You tell me, and I'll remove it from the list if it's not "real" BoulderDash (whether exactly the same, or with extensions).


Where's the nearest mirror of Aminet? You can also try WUSTL's Web copy of Aminet.

Commodore 64 or C64 emulators

The C64 emulator for the Mac isn't good enough to be able to run BoulderDash, so I haven't been able to examine these games very closely, nor to supply screenshots.

If there are any C64 versions of Boulder Dash that I don't know about, or if you have any more information about the versions listed below (such as author, release date, any other pertinent details) please let me know. Rumor has it that there are a large number of C64 implementations available (literally hundreds) but I'm yet to find someone who has them or has the time to convert them from C64 floppies (if they're still on floppies).

    Commercial "real" Boulder Dash by Peter Liepa

  1. Boulder Dash (©1984): Get it from Darrin Smith or Per Olofsson
  2. Boulder Dash II (©1985) (aka Rockford's Riot or Rockford's Revenge): Get it from Darrin Smith or Per Olofsson
  3. Boulder Dash III (©1986) (aka Professional Boulder Dash III) ("Space" graphics): Get it from Darrin Smith

    Apparently by Don Pedro

  4. Boulder Dash IV: Get it from Darrin Smith
  5. Boulder Dash V: Get it from Darrin Smith
  6. Boulder Dash VI
  7. Boulder Dash VII
  8. Boulder Dash VIII (9 Aug 1986)
  9. Boulder Dash IX (31 Aug 1986)
  10. Boulder Dash X
  11. Boulder Dash XI (11 Oct 1986)

    Blunder Bash series

  12. Blunder Bash 1
  13. Blunder Bash 2
  14. Blunder Bash 3

    by No One

  15. No One's Boulder Dash 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: Get it from the 16 game Boulder Dash archive that is easily available (sorry, no Internet address for it right now).
  16. No One's Boulder Dash 6 through to 40

    Miscellaneous others

  17. Boulder Dash Pro (same as Boulder Dash III, but normal graphics)
  18. Boulder Head 1
  19. Surprise Boulder Dash: looks like Boulder Dash IV (at least at first glance; I haven't looked carefully).
  20. Swedish Boulder Dash: a "freeze framed" Construction Kit Player with 18 caves loaded.
  21. Boulder Dash Construction Kit (©1986): contains 15 sample caves. Get it from Darrin Smith
  22. Rockford's Revenge: Web page available.
  23. Rockford the arcade game (©1988)
  24. Brutalo Boulder Dash
  25. Masters Boulder Dash


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Psion 3a


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