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Last updated: somewhere in the late 1990's

I have made several programs for use on DOS machines. These may be used freely. After a trial period of 30 days, if you continue to use any of this software, please donate some money to charity. If you need some suggestions: Unicef, WWF, Greenpeace.

New releases will be announced on this page immediately (not likely there will be any).

NEW! Zap-It v5.13 is FINISHED (28 Sep 2001)! The software is in no way crippled. I trust you to be honest and donate some money to charity if you keep using my programs. It will cost you almost nothing, and gives me the satisfaction I need to make more of these great (or stupid?) programs.

You may copy the software only in the original ZIP-file (that is in the uninstalled state). I cannot be held responsible for damage, occurred by the use of this program, or in any other way.

List of OLD Software from Elmer Productions:
o Zap-It v5.13 released 28 Sep 2001
o Cave-It v3.1 released 13 sep 1995
o XCOM 2 Savegame Cheater v1.0 released 10 jul 1995
o TagStrip v1.0 released 25 jul 1995
o Supaplex Level editor v3.2 released 15 jun 1996

Zap-It Hex File/Disk editor

Zap-It is a program that will enable you to edit files in hexadecimal and ascii format so you can easily modify executables, data files and other non-text files. Also, you can access a harddisk or floppy disk directly (sector by sector) and make modifications.

The current version is 5.13, released 28 Sep 2001. You can download the file from here. (Fixed in this version: works better in Windows 95/98/ME)

Current not-fixed-bugs-that-I-know-of-and-am-working-on for next version:

Cave-It text-mode-adventure-game

Cave-It is a game in which you must (of course) save the world by entering a dungeon which is full of letters, eh. I mean monsters that you have to defeat. It uses a specially created text-font, and 50 line VGA-mode, so it is really not so ugly as you may think. Also it has Soundblaster support with only a few sound effects. Try it, and maybe you'll even like it!

I have fixed a HUGE error. Caveit v3.0 may ask for a DPMI16BI.OVL file, or if it runs, it misses a CAVEIT.FNT file. This is now fixed. (Thanks go to Tom for telling me about it!)

The current version is 3.1, released 13 sep 1995. You can download the file from here.

XCOM 2 Savegame cheater

This program will let you edit any of the 10 savegames from XCOM 2. Editing includes:
o Soldier statistics
o Money
o Base layout and buildingtime
o Stores on any of the 8 bases
o Research on any base
o Manufacture on any base

The current version is 1.0, released 10 jul 1995. You can download the file from here.

TagStrip v1.0

TagStrip is a program designed to remove double taglines from tagline databases (text files). Often, large databases with taglines contain lots of double taglines. It is easy to write a program to delete EXACT copies, but TagStrip can find also "ALMOST EXACT" doubles. An example:

o **FLASH** Energizer bunny arrested, charged with battery.
o Energizer Bunny arrested...... assault and battery.
These will be recognized and the user is asked whether to remove the first, the last or none. Also you may configure TagStrip to exclude some often appearing words, and you may set the trigger to more or less sensitive searching.

The current version is 1.0, released 25 jul 1995. You can download the file from me.

Supaplex Level editor v3.2

SPEDIT is a program with which you can change all of Supaplex' levels. If you like Supaplex, this one is what you've been looking for.

Be sure to visit my Supaplex Page too. It contains links, more software, and lots of new levels for you to play... If you make some new levels, be sure to send them to me so they will be included too!

The current version is 3.2, released 15 june 1996. You can download it from the software page on the Supaplex site.

If you want to say anything about one or more of these programs, don't hesitate to let me know. Please use the contact form
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