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What are tricks?

There are a large number of objects in the game. These all have their own specific behaviour which is well-defined and usually explained in the Cast of Characters (available in the game). However, sometimes these objects interact with each other in unexpected ways or depending on your timing you can get them to behave slightly differently than expected. These are not bugs in the game, but just less common behaviour that you can use to your advantage. In fact, some levels can only be solved by using 'tricky' behaviour.

Different people have different opinions about what is 'expected behaviour', so it's not always easy to classify something as a trick. However, below you will find recordings that show behaviour that we consider to be 'tricky'. To view these tricks, you can use the same instructions that are available for viewing solutions.

If you want to practice the trick-moves yourself, you can download the corresponding 'tricks' levelset at the level page.

The tricks

If you have not seen any of the tricks before, you might want to download all tricks in one zip-file instead of downloading the individual tricks below.

Please note that most tricks require reasonably accurate timing, so you might need some practice before you can use them. (You can always change the speed at which the game runs by clicking on the 'Configure Igor' option in the main menu, or using the '[' and ']' keys while playing).

  • (Hitting Dyamite safely) You can push orange dynamite under some falling objects without the dynamite exploding.
  • (Surfing) If gravity is on, you can 'surf' over enemies and explosions. Without gravity you can use the same technique to 'direct' enemies to a new location.
  • (Datapod and Magic Wall) You can pick up a falling Datapod just before it is absorbed by a Magic wall.
  • (Highjump with Dynamite) If you drop a Red dynamite while gravity is on, you can 'climb up' onto it. If timed correctly you can then also jump up another square so you stand on the explosion.
  • (Marbles help climbing) Rolling objects can be used to avoid falling when gravity is on.
  • (Safe removal of Dynamite) Get rid of falling Orange dynamite (without it exploding) by catching it in another explosion at the right time.
  • (Surviving the Dynamite) You can escape falling dynamite by moving down at the right moment.
  • (4x3 explosion) If you destroy an enemy at the right time, it may result in a 3x4 explosion instead of 3x3.
  • (Floating on Dynamite) If gravity is on, you can 'climb up' using Orange Dynamite that falls upwards, Balloons and Photons (the latter was already shown in Trick 02).
  • (Sideways) In certain cases, Igor can just manage to 'sneak in' underneath an object that is rolling sideways (usually the object would fall downwards after).
  • (Superglue) Superglue is not just good at glueing objects in place, but it was recently discovered that it can also stop explosions. Yellow, Orange or Red Dynamite, none of these will explode when stuck in Superglue.
  • (Follow me!) If you time it correctly, you can let an enemy follow safely behind you when you pass underneath a row of Marbles.

Thanks to Tal Rundstein and Herman Perk for their contributions.

Have you discovered a trick that is not yet in this list? let us know about it.