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VAT and Sales Tax

We always aim for transparent pricing, so you only pay the amount shown in the store. Any applicable taxes will be 'absorbed' by us. Unfortunately, with the new rules concerning VAT and Sales Tax, things aren't getting easier.


If you use Paypal it's easy since we can still 'absorb' any applicable VAT or Sales Tax. This also means it's the cheapest option in most cases.

Ordering with Paypal
Customer location CD-ROM Download
All of world Nothing added Nothing added


For Kagi, the matter is somewhat more complicated. Due to the ordering system Kagi uses, we can no longer 'absorb' the additional costs of VAT and Sales Tax.

Residents of California will have to add Sales Tax when ordering the CD-ROM, while European citizens will have to add VAT on the downloadable version. This is summarized in the table below.

Ordering with Kagi
Customer location CD-ROM Download
California + Sales Tax Nothing added
Europe Nothing added + VAT
Rest of world Nothing added Nothing added

More information

If you are confused (which is understandable) and have any more specific questions about this matter before you order, don't hesitate to contact us.