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Direct Bank-transfer (Euro-zone only)

If you live in one of the countries within the EU that use the Euro as official currency, you can also pay with a direct bank-transfer without incurring any transfer fees. For Dutch customers this is very easy as they can perform a normal bank-transfer within The Netherlands.

For customers outside of The Netherlands, we recommend to inquire at your local bank for details on how exactly this works as the conditions may vary. Typically, the transaction has to be in Euros, using the standard IBAN/BIC codes via 'Shared cost'. If you have any questions about the ordering procedure, don't hesitate to contact us in advance as we cannot be responsible for fees incurred due to incorrect transfers.

Since we save the cost of paypal/kagi transactions, we can offer a 10% discount on the game (excl. shipping) for direct bank transfers!

Ordering procedure

Step 1
Fill in the order form.

Step 2
Transfer the correct amount for the order (€10,75 per copy, plus €2,50 shipping if ordering the CD-ROM) to the following account:
IBAN number [1]NL40INGB0000865995
Name of account holderM. Egmond
City of account holderEindhoven
[1]Dutch account holders can use the national Postbank/ING account number 865995 and don't need the IBAN/BIC codes.

Step 3
As soon we receive the order information and the bank-transfer is complete, your order will be shipped/emailed. Please be aware that international bank transfers may take up to a week to complete.