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The toughest challenge this side of the galaxy
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How to promote

Suppose you like Igor - The Time Machine. Suppose you want to help out a poor computer addicted developer. How? Well, first of all you can order the full version. That will help a lot obviously. But if you have already bought the full version (or not yet) you can still help in other ways!

Many people might enjoy the game - if they only knew it existed. Due to a virtually non-existant budget for marketing this is a real issue, so we could really use your help in promoting the game. Here are some suggestions:

  • Please note that your help is appreciated, but please do not SPAM people. Everyone hates spam, and it will not help promote the game positively.
  • You can tell people you know about the game, and where they can download a free demo version to try out (http://www.elmerproductions.com/igor).
  • If you know of a magazine (online or paper-based), or games-related website, send them a note that you like the game, and they should consider posting a review of it, or include the free demo version on their cover-CD.
  • If you have a website yourself, include a link to the Igor-website. Below are some images/banners you can use for this.
  • Should you come across a website that has a listing for Igor, be sure to give it a good (but honest!) rating.
  • You could order some of the Igor-related merchandise. Not only are the items of good quality (like the game), but it's also another way to make the game known to other people.
  • If you can think of another good way to promote Igor, please feel free. (But use your common sense and don't spam, etc.) If in doubt, feel free to contact us with your idea.


Please note that these images are copyright Elmer Productions. You are allowed to use them for promoting Igor - The Time Machine, but not for other purposes. If you are a great artist and have made a banner you think is better and worth including, please contact us.

For best results, you should copy these images to your own webhost, and not link to the images on the Igor website (right-click, save-as). Your link might look something like this:

<A HREF="http://www.elmerproductions.com/igor">
  <IMG WIDTH=372 HEIGHT=75 SRC="igor_banner1.jpg" ALT="Igor - The Time Machine">

Banner #1: Chase (372 x 75 pixels, 13kB)
Igor - The Time Machine

Banner #2: Text only on white background (124 x 75 pixels, 6kB)
Igor - The Time Machine

Banner #2: Text only on black background (124 x 75 pixels, 6kB)
Igor - The Time Machine

Igor icon, on white background (65 x 75 pixels, 3kB)

Igor icon, on black background (58 x 66 pixels, 3kB)