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MP3 Files

Yes, there are now some MP3 tracks available on the site. They are short previews of the music that is on the Full version CD-ROM. This should help you decide whether you want the CD-ROM or the downloadable version of the game.

At this time, not all tracks have previews, but the tracks that are available should give you an impression of the type of music on the CD. There are 20 audio tracks on the CD in total. This is over an hour of music!

  1. iO Music Creations - Igor Intro
  2. iO Music Creations - Igor Outtro 1
  3. iO Music Creations - Igor Outtro 2
  4. Martin Lindhe - Trill Trillevipp
  5. Martin Lindhe - Trill Trillevipp (part II)
  6. Martin Lindhe - Rain
  7. Mark Wheadon - Dreamscape
  8. Mark Wheadon - Straylight
  9. The Cynic Project - Another World
  10. The Cynic Project - Grid ][ (trance mix)
  11. The Cynic Project - Start the Dance
  12. Phero - The Secret Kind
  13. Phero - Breathe (Mentally Expanded)
  14. Phero - The God Module
  15. The Real Zircon - ReName
  16. The Real Zircon - The Wink
  17. emptie - Always Gone
  18. K A I - The Hopeful dreamWeaver
  19. K A I - Wish Come True
  20. K A I - Julie's Sunshine