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Add your solution to the Hall of Fame

Before using, please read the following rules:
  • To avoid stressing the system, please record the best solution you can before uploading instead of repeatedly uploading improved solutions.
  • Files must be 64 kB or less in size.
  • Solutions will be checked so uploading bad recordings is pointless.
  • The name that is shown in the Hall of Fame will be retrieved from the recording (it's the 'Author' you specified when you finalized the recording) so make sure it's set properly before you upload it.
  • Please click on the 'upload' button only once and be patient, as processing may take up to a minute to complete.

To learn how to make a recording, please refer to the online help that is included with the game.

Click on the 'browse' or 'choose' button below and choose the solution you have recorded with Igor and want to add to the Hall of Fame. After this, click on 'Upload'. Depending on circumstances, uploading may take some time. Please do not click on 'Upload' repeatedly but just be patient (normally it should take no more than one minute to finish).

Solution file: